When using email to market, advertise, recruit Insurance Agents or Real Estate Agents it is very important to use the following tips when creating your message.

1. Use Incentives to Increase Email Open Rates: When you include an incentive in your subject line, you can increase open rates by 50%. Realtor Email List

2. Stick to Fewer Than 3 Typefaces: Don’t junk up your email with more than 2, or at maximum, 3 typefaces.

3. Keep the Main Message and Call-to-Action Above the Fold: If your main call-to-action falls below the fold, then as many as 70% of recipients won’t see it. Also, any call-to-action should be repeated at least 3 times throughout the email.

4. Keep your email simple. Simple text and limited graphics get a much better response.

5. Put Your Logo in the Upper Left-Hand Side of the Email: Eye tracking studies have found that people instinctively look for logos in the upper left-hand side of emails.

6. Conduct a 5-Second Test: Send a copy of the email to a friend or business associate. Can they quickly tell what your call-to-action is? If so, perfect. If not, back to the drawing board…

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