Below we touch on a few common myth:

1. Direct Mail Doesn’t Generate Responses

Selection representatives who propagate this myth regularly say this without tending to what went into making and mailing their mail piece. All together for enlistment mailings to be fruitful and produce reactions, the employment duplicate, illustrations, and (above all) the rundown parameters should be deliberately and astutely chosen. Who is the objective applicant? What level of experience is required? What are the offering purposes of the open door and group? Did you incorporate different and clear routes for a possibility to take in more about the position? These viewpoints should be considered while making a mail piece.

2. You Can’t Track the Effectiveness of Direct Mail

So you’ve invested energy making a multi-channel enrollment showcasing methodology (like the insightful selection representative you are!) however how would you track the viability of mail battle in the event that it is sent around the same time that you have work load up postings, diary ads, and other promoting activities are continuing for the same position? While it’s more hard to track the adequacy of mailings, it is not unimaginable! Here are some approaches to track the achievement of your mailing:

  • Incorporate a short URL or QR code on your mail piece that prompts a committed point of arrival where they can present their advantage
  • Utilize an exceptional telephone number, (for example, a google voice number) and/or email address particularly for reactions from the mail battle
  • Ask them! On the off chance that they got a mail piece, they will happily fill you in as to whether you inquire

3. Email/Job Boards/Journal Ads are More Effective

While these methods are an important part of a complete sourcing strategy, they do not necessarily take the place of mail campaigns. Like we previously stated, mailings allow recruiters to reach passive candidates who generally wouldn’t respond to job board postings or journal advertisement. In regards to it’s effectiveness in relation to email, many physicians receive five or more recruitment emails every day. By sending a mail piece, recruiters can more effectively cut through the noise and get the details of their opportunity in front of candidates.

4. It’s Expensive

So as to hold an enrollment spending plan under control, it is critical for doctor selection representatives to have the capacity to organize enlistment advertising endeavors and settle on vital choices taking into account expense and adequacy. In any case, conveying a mailing can really be more savvy and produce a larger number of hopefuls than a quarter page promotion set in one of the more costly therapeutic diaries. The key is to try to make particular rundown parameters and use cheap self mailers (otherwise called postcards) when cost is a worry.


Mailings are a key part of any viable enlistment technique that permit selection representatives to achieve those tricky detached hopefuls. At the point when done well, they can be very viable and moderately economical approach to produce qualified contender for your openings.