Email Blast Real Estate Agents

Email marketing to real estate agents is a great way to get your listing, product, or news out immediately and is also cost effective. When you composing your email message we have found that it is best to keep it short and to the point. We also have found that embedded images in email blasts tend to get marked as spam and often times over looked. list of real estate agent emails

There are many email blasting services you can use when sending out a large volume of meails. If you are sending only a handful at a time you can very easily use your personal email such as outlook, gmail, or yahoo to get the task done as well.

Our email list of real estate agent includes the agents name, firm name, phone, address, and of course the email. We provide to different realtor email lists, you can either select our nationwide list, or choose a single state database.

All lists are available for immediate download after purchase.