List of Realtor Emails for Recruiting Purposes

It is safe to say the more agents a brokerage has, the better the chances of earning revenue increase.

Before blindly blasting a list of real estate agents via email, think about how you feel when you receive bulk email solicitations. Are you likely to respond? This is the single most important thing to establish when creating your campaign.

Below will make a few suggestions that we hope can help your prospecting venture.

Be very clear in what you offering. No one likes to receive “fishing emails.” Remember these real estate agents are in the business of signing contracts, you cannot have any funny business.

If you are recruiting a producing agent is good to state exactly what you are offering immediately. Remember agents have brokers nagging at them constantly about switching firms. What makes your company different? One thing that will cath an agents attention right away is commission.

Keep in mind, sometimes less commission and a better operating platform or marketing team will entice an agent to switch. Some agents just want freedom and to do what they want to do, how they want to do it… You need consider how to embrace all of them.

Be Personal

It sounds like an obvious suggestion, but it is important we say it. People do not want to receive unsolicited ad type emails that look like templates. Especially when recruiting real estate agents via email.

Do not forget to share a little information about yourself. What kind of brokerage you run, goals, marketing tools etc.

Ask for a Phone Call

Email only goes as far as clicking send. Instead of simply sending add solicitations. Ask for a phone call with the agent. What is the worst they can say no? What if they do not respond, then that leaves you the opportunity to call them!