List of Realtor Emails

List of Realtor Emails can be used for many reasons. When searching for a list to purchase and especially emails, there are few things to look out for.

Number one being how often the list is updated. At we update our list Realtor emails a total of 6 times a year. This done by pinging the emails address 4 times per year to check for accuracy/ deliverability. We then remove any emails that return undeliverable results. We only add new contacts twice per year. This is done through various opt in lists and publications of contact information via websites etc.

The second most important thing when buying a list of realtor emails is COST. At we strive to provide the most cost effective list available today. The fact is you need to buy a list and you need to market to it as well. Wether it be email or direct mail, both cost money. With any list of realtor emails you are going to experience failure deliveries. Realtor’s move offices, change addresses, and emails ALL THE TIME.

Our theory is: though we do our absolute best to provide the most accurate list available, we want to give our clients the best bang for their buck. Our lists start at 75.00 for a state specific list and 149.00 for a complete nationwide list.

All of our list of realtor emails are available via electronic download after the purchase is complete. We also email you link just in case to make sure you have received your list!

We are here to help. If you you have any questions, please contact us!

List of Realtor Emails