Marketing Expectations

Marketing with a mailing or email list is a great way to grow you business rapidly throughout your target market. Often times we set our expectations very high in our ideal “return” on investment. Before thinking too far ahead when using our list of realtor emails or our list of insurance agent emails it is important to take into consideration.

  • Average return on a direct mail campaign varies between 1.5-5%. This obviously depends on your marketing piece and what exactly you are marketing.
  • Average return on a email campaign is 00.2875%. That is correct, less than HALF of ONE percent!

Why is that? You are sending a mail piece or email cold… You target market is unpredictable in a sense as to how they will respond. Will they throw it in the trash? Will they delete it? Will they even read it?

A quick solution that has shown a great results. Follow up via telephone! We recommend following up on all outbound marketing pieces… This will establish a foundation and you will be able to have a conversation about your goal, or what it is you have set to accomplish.

Below we have listed our most popular databases:

Nationwide List of Realtors:

With our Nationwide List of Realtors you will receive: List of Real Estate Agent Emails
• Names of Real Estate Agents
• List of Real Estate Agents Phone Numbers
• Real Estate Agents Email Addresses
• & Office Address
• Over 800,000 Records with Emails!

Nationwide List of Insurance Agents:

With our list of Insurance Agents you will receive over 269,000 Records! Please note: Only 118,000 records contain the agent’s email address. List of Real Insurance Agent Emails

  • Names of Agents
  • List of Agents Phone Numbers
  • Agents Email Addresses (Where Available)
  • Licensee Type (PC or Life/Health)
  • Agency
  • & Office Address

Nationwide List of Dentists:

Our nationwide database of dentist is perfect for recruiting or 3rd party services! We scrub and update our lists every 90 days. Over 183,000 records! Nationwide List of Doctors

Dentist Database includes:

  • Name
  • Practice Name (Where Available)
  • Specialty
  • Address
  • Phone